KrAZ Shrek

Multirole armored vehicle
Multirole armored vehicle

The KrAZ-MPV Shrek is a multi-role off-road mine-protected vehicle with V-hull used to carry Special Forces personnel, cargoes, and equipment.

The crew area of the SHREK can comfortably accommodate ten crew members with a driver and commander in the front compartment. The APC is fitted with a large opening rear door to ease the deployment of troops. SHRECK APC, as with all variants, has been ballistically tested to STANNAG 2 kinetic by an independent testing body. 


Mine protection: 2 TM-57 mines (14 kg of TNT) under any wheel, 1 TM-57 mine (7 kg of TNT) under the bottom
Ballistic protection: B6 + / STANAG 4569 level 2
Engine: YaMZ-238D (Euro-0), Cummins and Deutz engines can be optionally installed
Power: 243 kW (330 hp) at 2800 rpm
Transfer case: mechanical two-stage, differential - is blocked, possible control from the cockpit
Transmission: Fast Gear 9JS150TA-B, 9-speed
Window glass: transparent multilayer bulletproof. The inner layer is polycarbonate.
Tires 445.65R22.5 / 16.00R20 with centralized pumping - by RunFlat technology
Bottom: V-shaped


KrAZ Shrek One TC is designed for the quick delivery of military personnel and their fire support can be used as a carrier of various weapons and military equipment.
KrAZ Shrek One Ambulance is an ambulance car with mine protection. Designed to provide first aid to victims, as well as for their transportation. The car is equipped with all necessary medical equipment.
KrAZ Shrek One RCV is a multi-purpose vehicle with mine protection designed for operation in explosive areas. The car is equipped with articulating crane and remote control from the cab.

Wheel arrangement
diesel, turbocharged
300 - 400 h.p.
Seating capacity
Maximum speed
105 km/h
Ballistic protection
STANAG 4569 Level 2
Mine protection
STANAG 4569 Level 2a, 2b
Truck curb weight
17500 kg
525/70R21 (CTIS)
Chassis cab