Multirole armored vehicle
Multirole armored vehicle

The BARS-8 all-terrain armored vehicle is a Ukrainian multi-purpose APC with 4×4 wheel formula, designed to perform tactical tasks, defend checkpoints and conduct combat operations in urban areas.

Its gross vehicle weight and payload capacities are 10,000kg and 2,000kg respectively.

The Bars-8 vehicle can be configured to perform different roles such as armored personnel carrier (APC), tactical armored mortar firing vehicle, APC with Iva (Willow) remote-controlled combat module, APC with Vij remote-controlled combat module, armored ambulance vehicle, and APC with ground reconnaissance complex (Jab) and Enclave electronic jammer.

It is 6.70m-long, 2.52m-wide and 2.47m-high, and has a wheelbase of 3.67m. It can carry up to ten personnel, including three crew members. The driver and commander seats are placed in the protected crew cabin, while the soldiers are seated in the troop compartment at the rear.

A forward view for the crew is provided through a two-piece windshield with bullet-resistant glass. Access to the crew compartment is enabled by two side doors, each fitted with a bulletproof glass window.

2200 x 6000 x 2400 mm
8 + 2(3)
8000 kg
Wheel arrangement
4 х 4
Maximum speed
110 km/h
6,7 Сummins /V8/ Turbo diesel