The Supreme Command of the Peruvian Army commended the Ukrainian armored vehicles


After the international exhibition SITDEF2021 in the city of Lima (Peru) completed, the SpetsTechnoExport company held a dynamic demonstration of Ukrainian armored vehicles.

At the training ground of the Peruvian Army, the chairman of the Joint Staff, Commander of the Army, other representatives of the highest command personnel of the Land Forces, the Naval Forces and the Police of the Republic of Peru had the opportunity to assess the tactical and technical characteristics of the machines and see them in operation, namely: BTR-4MV1, Otaman 6x6 and Kozak-2M.

BTR-4MV1 is a modification of the BTR-4 armored vehicle, an all-wheel drive eight-wheeled armored personnel carrier developed in Ukraine by the Kharkov Mechanical Engineering Design Bureau (GP KMDB). Designed to transport soldiers of mechanized units and fire support in battle. The armored personnel carrier can serve as a base vehicle for equipping special rapid response units and the marines. On the basis of the BTR-4, it is possible to manufacture armored vehicles of other types, such as command and staff, repair and evacuation, ambulance and others. The BTR-4MV1 has undergone such changes compared to the basic modification: a new hull shape in the bow, there is no bulletproof glass and a side door, the driver and commander are seated through separate hatches. The armor protection provides ballistic protection of the third level according to the STANAG 4569 standard. The body armor withstands a 7.62 × 54 mm ball hit at a distance of 30 meters, and in the frontal projection the protection corresponds to the "3+" level and withstands a 12.7 × 99 mm ball hit at a distance of 30 meters. The armored car is equipped with the BM-7 "Parus" combat module. The car is equipped with a 450 hp Deutz BF6M1015CP engine. The power reserve is 670 km.

Otaman is a 6x6 armored personnel carrier designed to perform a wide range of purely combat missions, such as transporting personnel, fire support on the battlefield, and reconnaissance. It is an armored personnel carrier of a modern type - with a front-engined layout (558 hp engine), a high level of armor protection, mine protection and carrying capacity, which allows the installation of a large number of additional equipment (combat module, ceramic armor protection), RPG. Perhaps the manufacturing of armored vehicles in various versions, such as a fire support vehicle, command post, repair and evacuation, ambulance vehicle and others.

Kozak 2M is a multifunctional tactical armored car designed to perform various tactical tasks (armored car of the front edge).

It represents the next generation of the Kozak-2 armored vehicle. Unlike the first generation, it is not based on a "commercial chassis", but is made in the "monocoque" version (load-bearing body) with independent suspension, high ground clearance (430 mm) and an automatic wheel inflation system, which together gives ultra-high off-road characteristics.

Developed for the special technical tasks of the Highly Mobile Airborne Troops and Special Operations Forces.